A Training Day

A Training Day

Often I have these really funny little conversations when I’m catching up with friends. Generally it goes along the simple lines of… Them: “How’s it going? what have you been up to?” Me: “I’m really good just training lots, what about you?” When you read that it sounds rather dreary and dull. Continue reading “A Training Day”

The USA.

So this week has been the craziest week I’ve had for a while. I had great news on Monday (10th) afternoon when I got a phone call from the US embassy saying that they had printed out my 5 year visa into my passport and I should receive it in a day or two by courier! I was so stoked to finally hear it! However his meant that someone had to always be home to sign off the package in case the courier came. So for the next two days Mum and I took it in turns being on house arrest, waiting for the sound of crunching gravel as a van pulled in. We were both very excited but nervous, waiting and hoping for it to arrive. I had reserved flights for the 15th of November, in other words that Saturday. On Thursday (13th) Mum and I started to ring around asking the courier company if they had it or not. Sadly they hadn’t seen it and after calling the US embassy we discovered they still hadn’t sent it out! At 4:30 on Thursday they finally sent it out to the courier company who for what ever reason decided to send it on a holiday up to Sydney… Yep not ideal. Continue reading “The USA.”

Europe Finale…

Quite an epic week so this blog is a bit of a big one, so if you’ve got time to burn read on and enjoy..

We left Davos with amazing sun and great snow and headed southwest to Chamonix, France. I was extremely excited head to France. Firstly I’ve never been there before. Secondly Chamonix is at the base of Mont Blanc and one of my non-skiing dreams is to climb to the top of it. After reading a bunch of climbing books as a kid I’ve had a big urge to climb big mountains for a long time. Any way enough of mountain speculation, I was there to race and I was keen! In Davos I thought I’d found a bit of that fire that I seemed to have all of last year and I was really hoping to kindle something for the three races, a skate sprint, a classic 15km and a 30km ski-athlon.

The mountian behind my finer is where i hope to stand one day!
The mountian behind my finger is where I plan to stand one day!

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