Livigno (the freezer of Italy).

So our final training and acclimatization block has finished at Livigno Italy and im sitting in our hotel room in Zurich before we head to Turkey for the U23 World Championships.

If you’ve been following any news on Europe I’m sure you would of seen that at the moment there have been some huge cold cells across Europe. In Campra we started to experience those cells but at almost 1900 meters you really get hit by the cold. The warmest it’s reached was around -4 with the coldest morning hitting -33.5. The training was good, but brutal. At such high altitudes and cold temperatures, the body doesn’t handle hard, long training sessions well. So it’s been either short and sharp or very easy cruises as we got used to the conditions. In many ways the brutal temperatures are great preparation for Turkey. Last year for World Uni games we experienced -35 temperatures so it quite possible to that cold again!

On a morning run looking back toward Livigno. River frozen in the foreground.

Training for a major race is actually a lot of fun. Because we are trying to peak now we get a lot of time off from training while we recover. Because of this extra time off it means we get to relax in cafés, cruise around the streets of Livigno shopping or plain old lying about in the apartment sleeping and playing card.

Seeing as the team consists entirely of guys now we thought we’d spend our valentines day a little differently this year. Most of the team, along with the Great British ski team had a rest day so we all met up and went ice quad biking. We have spent a fair bit of time with the GB team in Livigno, having had a pizza night along with some training sessions. It’s been great spending time with a few new faces and quad biking with them was no exception. It was great for everyone to relax and forget about training and racing and instead just argue over who had the best crash or drift. (Phil easily took the cake for best crash managing to crash into the back of Alex “Jagi” Standen and breaking the back off Jagi’s quad bike. Callum on the other hand seemed to find a little more grace on the ice, drifting through the corners like a seasoned rev head (possibly due to the fact that under all that lycra Cal is in fact a huge rev head!)

Not sure if it would be an upgrade or a downgrade from the Blue Box.


Perfect day out on the trails.











During our stay in Livigno we actually moved location to higher up on the hill. The reason for the change was just that we were unable to find accom for the whole time block, not us just trying to get a little more out of our altitude training. We have recently had a bit of a team 500 (card game) tournament and last night Phil and myself battled against Coaches Finn and J.C for the title. Phil and Myself in the end proved to crafty for Finn and J.C beating them and taking the title (and the One Way racing beanies)!


So we ill head to Turkey tomorrow morning, arriving at our hotel around 8pm (local time) in Erzurm. The whole team is in good spirits and extremely keen to race (or at least I know I am!) So keep tuned for some more updates hopefully coming soon!

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


3 thoughts on “Livigno (the freezer of Italy).

  1. Thanks for another interesting update Paul, and the awesome photos. Best of luck to you and the guys for the upcoming races.
    Best wishes,

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