Another year, Another start to the grind

Well I’ve done it yet again: let time pass me by, without writing down any of my adventures on paper. Training kicked off months ago and I’m already stacking up the Ks and hours.This year was a decent winter in Alaska and we were able to ski for a lot longer and get some nice spring adventures in. But no sooner had it come, than it melted out and a dry spring began, which I loved. Not much rain, just warm spring days made for great early morning training sessions.

Crust skiing on glaciers in Alaska
On the glacier
Back on the fat skis and back into the mountains

This year I am working with the Australian Head Coach, Valerio Leccardi. This has been really fun. I’m excited to be back full-time with a coach instead of part time.

As always, as the snow melted I got more and more obsessed with running. It was really fun to jump in with some of the local running crowd and be reminded what it’s like to run. And I’m not talking about the nordic shuffle that so many of us do, these guys fly, they just seem to float along as they run. I entered one of my favourite trail running races, the Turnagain Arm Trail Race and was happy to finish in the top 10 against a pretty stacked field.

The Turnagain Arm Trail running race

I left Alaska in June for two weeks to travel down south to California and some nice high mountains. I spent two weeks in Tahoe training at high altitude. It was a fantastic two weeks and I just loved being back in Tahoe.

One of the few times I get to bike is when I go to Tahoe and I love it!!!
Great views on a run in Tahoe
Crust skiing with some of the old Unleashed team
Great training at ASC and amazing tracks!

After my two week training camp, I flew back to Alaska and jumped right into my second running race of the season. Bird Ridge. Now Bird and I have a ‘love hate’ relationship. I love hiking and running the ridge, but every race I’ve ever done on it, I have completely suffered. However this year the suffering came with a huge reward. I had a fantastic run and came 7th for my first ever top ten in an Alaskan Mountain Running Grand Prix.

Trying to keep the legs running for over a 1000 vertical meters.
From sea level to the top. Here it’s about half way.
Trying to smile while suffering. Photo Credit: Holly Brooks

Between all the training sessions, I still found the time to chase some salmon and indulge in perhaps my favourite Alaskan past time – fly fishing.

I guess we weren’t the only one chasing the salmon…

I have now flown to Australia and will give you an update on my time back home in a Blog soon!

Till then,

Train hard, rest easy, live for the moment.





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