Rallying Support

This year I will travel to the United States to train with my personal coach (August Teague) and the professional team BSF Elite team which is based in Bozeman, Montana. I plan on racing the American Continental Cup circuit from November to January before flying to the 2015 World Championships in Falun, Sweden in February, then returning to finish the American series in March. In the lead up to World Championships, I will be racing World Cups in Sweden and afterwards in Finland.

Racing at World Championships is every athlete’s goal and dream. While I raced at the 2013 World Championships, I was much less developed as an athlete than I am today. The event was more about experience and learning, than being a competitor. For 2015 Worlds, my goal is to be thoroughly prepared and race successfully. That includes the funding necessary to get there with the proper preparation, which is where this fundraiser will support me. With enough financial support, I’ll be able to completely focus on the races and be ready to race at my very best to reach that ultimate goal.

I’m gathering support to help offset the costs of my travel, training camps and racing in the US and Europe, put more of my focus and energy into adequately preparing for the World Championships and the 2018 Winter Olympics further down the road. My expenses for these next 12 months will be between $15-20,000.

Please consider supporting me.

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Or contact me directly at paulrkovacs@gmail.com


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