When winter’s not quite on script.

Well winter’s gone off the reservation, it’s off-script again…

It showed such exciting promise for a cold and quality winter until we realised it was almost December and we are still waiting for winter to appear. Don’t get me wrong it’s been cold.At times the mercury has been as low as -19C but we are still yet to see a substantial snowfall of more than just a few centimetres. Crazily, back home in Australia, Falls Creek my home ski resort has had more snow fall over November than Anchorage. Every time a front comes in, it warms up, rains and then goes back to being cold, leaving ice everywhere!

You can really see that the temperature has risen, there is a really clear band across the mountains of snow or grass, the snow line is just above us and won’t come down.

So what do you do when there isn’t any snow? Well three things, you get awesome shoes with in-built ice spikes in them for running, you get your ice skates and sticks out and enjoy the endless pond hockey opportunities, and finally you make the snow. Anchorage is fortunate to have snow making specifically for cross country trails.

Hockey on the Lagoon.

The only problem being that it’s extremely expensive to run the system especially when trails are free to use for everyone (which is great). It just means they can’t always pump it out when they could. We are up to 1-2 km of manmade snow and with the weather being so favourable they are making more and more trails but it just takes time. It’s so frustrating to be in the same situation as we were in last year, waiting for snow to come.

Everything is happening, groomer and guns going under the lights of the stadium.
A recreational skier negotiating the snow guns and mounds of fresh now.
Skiing around the snow guns gives a bit of a snow beard!

To make things a little more annoying, I have had a cold and been under the weather for the last two weeks. Being limited to light training or just the odd bit of exercise has been really frustrating. I really felt like things were coming together nicely so to have a spanner in the works in infuriating. But that’s life and I just have to take it in my stride. I have taken the time to get my skis in really good shape, having ground them, I spent a lot of time making sure they are perfect. So not completely wasted time.

To keep me from going insane I have gone ice skating a little and had a few easy session of rock climbing just to get the body ticking over. I have lightly started training again and really hope to be over the illness soon. In the meantime I’ll just have to patiently wait for the snow to fall and for me to feel 100% again.

Hockey with Lex and I
The rock gym, best part about this photo, this is only half of the main wall and then there is upstairs… Lots of fun!
Thanksgiving dinner.

Nothing is ever quite to the script.

Train Hard, Rest easy, live for the moment.

End Note:

Ironically, the night of writing this I didn’t post the blog. Then the next morning we awoke to 4 inches of fresh snow! Finally! We are in business!

Getting some fresh, first tracks in.
Finally can get off the man made loop and ski some other trails.

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