Gronklitt Training Camp

So for the last week and a half I have been living in the “mountain” resort of Gronklitt in Sweden. I say mountain because I think we are only at 550m but it seems like they sell this area as a little Alps ski resort in Sweden. In honesty it’s actually flat here. Most of the trails are all around lakes and very few have any hills. That being said the training week has gone as well as I could have hoped for. I feel like the final preparations before heading to the World Cup in Ostersund and the World Championships in Falun have been really successful. We had great snow and trails here and I had a lot of good sessions. Tomorrow the World Cup team will drive up to Ostersund to race a classic sprint and a skate distance race. I hear that there is minimal snow and the only skiing is on the two race courses. I hope it’s not rained out and rough but we’ll see.

Our little mountain home. We had just one of four apartments in this house and an extra apartment next to this one.
Our little mountain home. We had just one of four apartments in this house and an extra apartment next to this one.
Sunrise on my last day in Gronklitt, It has been amazing going for a run each morning pre dawn and seeing these amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The team we have here is massive with 15 athletes and coaches in total. It’s definitely the largest Australian trip I’ve ever been a part of. The skiing here was really nice with sun almost every day apart from one day when we got hit by decent snowfalls. There is overall a lot of good, positive energy in the team with a number of athletes making their World Cup or World Championship début.

There is a fairly large bear park next to some of the trails. One morning as I passed this big guy, he was playing in the snow.
I can tell I’m dreaming of the beach and surfing when I see waves in the clouds…
Looking down into the village and nordic area, across the downhill slopes from our houses street.
Snow falls on the trails.
Sunset in Gronklitt.

My next blog should be form the World Cup! So I better head off and pack!   Train hard, Rest easy, Live for the moment!


3 thoughts on “Gronklitt Training Camp

  1. Whow, like those dawns, very dramatic. Hope the snow supply isn’t too grim at the World Cup. Great that you’re fit and well – best of luck in the days ahead.

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