Spring editions plus a race calendar!

Ironically I know I’ve been going on and on about how much I love the sun, but this week I started getting up earlier and training earlier in the mornings and later in the afternoons to avoid the hottest part of the day. I was loving the warm Spring days, but now that the mercury is sitting on 30C most days I’m feeling like a turkey in an oven roasting away! My body clearly isn’t use to heat and at times I feel like I’m running around like aqua man, I’m that hot and sweaty (too much info?). Hydration has become pretty important and so I’m like a baby with a bottle constantly carrying one around after each hot session.

As it gets warmer these guys seem to spend a lot more time hanging around.
As it gets warmer these guys seem to spend a lot more time hanging around in our yard.

I often talk about training but don’t actually say what I’m doing. I guess I worry it will get a bit boring, but I thought I’d give it a try. This week was an intensity week, which meant not too much volume, but lots of intervals. I will have done 260 minutes of intensity this week, plus a light couple of distance sessions and a few gym sessions. The week has been successful and I’ve really enjoyed the intervals. I love doing intervals over distance sessions normally. I really feel like I get a lot out of intervals and that “destroyed” feeling after going out and running up and down a hill like a mad man is awesome. I am partial to epic long runs. I just really feel like I get so much out of intervals.

That being said I have questioned my sanity at times. After running up and down a hill for 75 minutes hard I do feel a bit loopy! Perhaps that’s dehydration kicking in, or I am just cracking!

Working out in part of my gym at home
Working out in part of my gym at home
Only dip bars I've ever used where my feet don't touch the ground on the way down.
Only dip bars I’ve ever used where my feet don’t touch the ground on the way down.

Like most of the past years of racing, this winter is going to be huge! I’ve included a timetable of races I’m expecting to compete in this year for anyone interested. At this stage it stands at 28 races. So we’ll see what happens, depending on how I’m feeling and performing that might go up or down a bit.

Date Location Type
28/11/2014 West Yellowstone, Supertour Skate Sprint
29/11/2014 West Yellowstone, Supertour Skate 15km
6/12/2014 Bozeman, Supertour 15km Mass Start Classic
7/12/2014 Bozeman, Supertour Classic Sprint
13/12/2014 Rossland, NorAm (Canada) Skate Sprint
14/12/2014 Rossland, NorAm (Canada) 15km Classic
4/01/2015 Houghton, US Nationals 15km Skate
5/01/2015 Houghton, US Nationals Classic Sprint
8/01/2015 Houghton, US Nationals 30km Mass Start Classic
10/01/2015 Houghton, US Nationals Skate Sprint
23/01/2015 Steam Boat Springs 10km Skate
24/01/2015 Steam Boat Springs 20km Mass Start Classic
30/01/2015 Craftsburry, Supertour 30km Mass Start Classic
1/02/2015 Craftsburry, Supertour Classic Sprint
14/02/2015 Ostersund (Sweden) World Cup Classic Sprint
15/02/2015 Ostersund (Sweden) World Cup 15km Skate
19/02/2015 Falun (Sweden) World Championships Classic Sprint
21/02/2015 Falun (Sweden) World Championships Skiathlon 15/15km
22/02/2015 Falun (Sweden) World Championships Skate Team Sprint
25/02/2015 Falun (Sweden) World Championships 15km Skate
26/02/2015 Falun (Sweden) World Championships 4x10km Relay
1/03/2015 Falun (Sweden) World Championships 50km Mass Start Classic
7/03/2015 Lathi (Finland) World Cup Skate Sprint
8/03/2015 Lathi (Finland) World Cup 15km Classic
21/03/2015 Sun Valley Spring Nationals 15km Classic
22/03/2015 Sun Valley Spring Nationals Skate Sprint
24/03/2015 Sun Valley Spring Nationals Team Relay
26/03/2015 Sun Valley Spring Nationals 50km Mass Start Skate

I’m still eagerly awaiting that elusive visa. My ski bag is now completely packed and my duffel is almost ready to go! The delay is extremely frustrating, but on the positive I have been getting extra jobs done.

Doing some work in my ski room.
Doing some work in my ski room to help tidy it up before I fly out.

Train hard, rest easy, Live for the moment.


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