Heart Palpitations

Spring has been glorious at home, sunny, warm and ideal for training. I’m waiting to get my visa for the US. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas, wanting to open that present they know is sitting under the tree, but being held back by their parents. I know an announcement is coming but I just can’t wait. There is still the off chance that my stocking will be filled with coal and I’ll be rejected by the US immigration, but I’m hoping it will be fine. The up side of me bouncing up and down, waiting for my visa like a kid that’s eaten too many candy canes, is that I’ve plenty of time to enjoy the Aussie spring!

Nice view from Feathertop down to the ovens Valley
Nice view from Feathertop down to the Ovens Valley

This is the latest I’ve stayed in Australia for a long time. It’s been really nice to have so much time at home training and spending time in the sun! Plus, it looks like for the first time in a few years I’ll get to have my birthday at home with my parents! It’s been good to spend some time with them.

That being said I’ve been getting very eager to head over to the US and get the show on the road.

In the past month or so I’ve had some great news. My contract with the BSF Elite team has been finalized and signed for the 2014/15 winter (and beyond). I will race domestically in the US as a BSF athlete, plus travel internationally at times for major World events as an Australian athlete. It’s a great opportunity and I’m really looking forward to the new chapter in my skiing!

So why the name of the blog you ask? Well recently I’ve had a few heart spikes while out training. I’ll be going along and then ‘boom’ all of a sudden I get an adrenalin kick and my heart is going crazy.

Thankfully I’m not dying or having heart murmurs, I’m simply running into our reptilian friend, the snake. I’ve come across quite a few and had some really close calls. I feel like one of those guys you see walking across hot coals. Suddenly I have lightning feet as I skip away.

This guy was feeling might frisky and was rather happy to come a bit closer...
This guy was feeling mighty frisky and was rather happy to come a bit closer…
Came across this guy not feeling so well. Still a pretty decent size!
This guy on the other hand was a little under the weather. Still a pretty decent size!

The whole season is shaping up to be really good and I feel like I’m in good shape, so I’m looking forward to testing myself again.


Get out there and enjoy that spring sunshine!

As always,

Train hard, rest easy, live for the moment.



2 thoughts on “Heart Palpitations

  1. Just do what I did and develop the capacity to sense the snake about a minute before you get to it. It takes the shock factor out of it though which makes things a bit booring

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