Hopefully the start of a few Australian blogs

So during the southern hemisphere winter I generally don’t keep a regular blog but I’m hoping to do a few (I think I say this every year!). It’s now my fifth week back in Australia and my last trip seems so long ago. I am already deep into mapping out and planning my next season and trip. I am really keen to get over to America again and start working!

That being said, I’m in Australia so I should talk about Australia! I am back into hard training, and with it my love of running! There is something about running, which I love. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been doing a bunch of runs with some ultra running athletes to keep me on my toes, which is awesome! They have really changed my perception of hard training and it seems a 2-hour mountain run is just a warm up for these mad cats! If it doesn’t require poles because the terrain is so rugged and steep, or a head torch because you decided to run before work which means we are all out there in short shorts at 5:30am, then it’s a fairly boring, standard run!

Jacinta flying down a hill that is far far steeper than this photo makes it look!
Rob checking out the view on the Razor Back after running to Feathertop.
Rob and I on Feathertop.
Some great views and sun!

I also have jumped on the road bike, which I love. But it generally feels like I’ve been slapped with a shovel after each ride! To give you a run down of some of my rides, my first ride was fairly cruisie, a few hours. But the next day I could barely sit down, I was so saddle sore! Second ride I joined a local riding group, so I was riding by 5:45am,  met with the rest of the group at 6:00am and then headed up to Mt Buffalo. I decided (stupidly) I would stay with the front pack and even lead for the first part of the climb. So after repeatedly slapping myself with said shovel, we descended back to valley floor where the group set a cracking pace home. I being the noobie of the group was stupid to leave all my energy on the mountain and suffered deeply all way home, yo-yoing off the back of the pack.

It’s always fun being home and having simple pleasures like my own car and sleeping in my own bed for the first time in over 6.5 months. It’s pretty nice. Spending time with my family is always great and a lot have come up and visited, which was fun! The Autumn has been super warm which for winter is really worrying but on a short term basis, being able to train in just shorts and perfect sunshine is amazing.  It gives me a chance to catch up on some vitamin D! The Mt Beauty half Marathon is this weekend, which is always a fun catch up event and a reminder that the Australian winter is just around the corner!

Some of the family.
Some of the family.
Home sweet home.
Just makes running that much easier when it’s so sunny!

I don’t have too many photos of training sadly. It’s funny no one is every very photogenic when its 6:00am… And there are a few “selfies” so sorry about that.

I’ll try and post a blog after the weekend and let you know how the race pans out!

Train hard, Rest easy, live for the moment.


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