Two weeks in.

Just over two weeks have now rolled by for Callum and I, living in the States. We have settled into a very relaxed and easy lifestyle with some awesome local guys, which has been great with a lot of laughs!

Now every session there is a group of us training and pushing hard not just me out in the bush by myself so it’s been a great change and great for motivation and challenging yourself!

Working hard with some of the crew at a cafe in Trukee.

The snow has all but melted, it’s left the ground super cold and ready for the next snow falls. On the upside the sun has been out and most days are brilliant warm sunny days where it’s just shorts to rollerski and run in.

Training has been great, moderately tough but nothing crazy, next week things will get interesting. This coming week we have a 10km time trial on skate rollerskis and a 7 mile running race so that, plus a few sets of intervals will make it a fun but intense week.

So again I‘m writing this on Monday morning (our rest day for the week) it’s been pretty nice so far, Callum and I had our traditional pancake breakfast and have now gotten into some domestics and now planning some baking. Yesterday was our main distance session for the week, however the last few days have been solid distance workouts too. We have been heading out to a place called Boca for rollerskiing, which has been really nice. It’s a really long road that winds betweens a few lakes and the foothills so it’s spectacular scenery!

Yesterday’s distance session was again one of my favorites for the trip. First we rollerskied for an hour and a half along Boca and then we chucked the runners straight on and ran for about 20km through some amazing forests and meadows on a little hiking trail, for a total of 3.5 hours of training. The one down for the rollerski was that there are quite a few cracks in the road and Callum got very unlucky and managed to tangle with one. He hit the deck pretty hard and snapped both poles plus added a few bruises and road burn to his body. He still managed to complete the session so he’s not to badly hurt but has got a bit of swelling around his knee and ankle.

Halloween has been and gone, it was fairly mellow for Cal and I. One of the hardest workouts we have had since we have been in the states was planned for the day so we didn’t have much energy for partying the night away in crazy costume. We did head to a local part for an hour or two but ended up crashing in bed early. Some of the costumes we saw were amazing and with a little more energy I could imagine it being a fun night!

Someone down in Reno in a full chicken suit on a dirt bike, they turned off at the University exit.

Again I’m guessing pictures might be better to describe a lot of what I’m trying to say so I’ll let the photos do the talking. It’s another perfect Californian day here so I think a hot tub, sun baking and some baking are on the cards for the rest day. It’;s going to be a pretty good day!

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Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


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