A quick update.

So again this will be quite a quick blog, the past few days here have amazing. Cool mornings which means the snow is frozen hard up top and then from lunch time onwards it’s so warm we are in shorts and a T-shirt. Training has been going well skiing in the mornings and then running or gym normally in the afternoon.

Callum soaking up some sun.

The snow around the house is almost all melted but up top there is still a lot so we have been driving up. We have been joined a few times with some of the local ski team’s senior athletes which has been great and then chilling with them post training.

Callum on the verandah of our apartment and the wheels below.

Callum and I had our first ever taste of a proper Halloween, we had to carve some pumpkins for the local ski team sponsorship dinner which was also a dress up party, so a lot of fun. Callum and I went as crocodile hunters. The only trouble with us dressing up (and which interesting no one mentioned) was that it was only really meant for the younger kids so I think we were the only two people over the age of 16 in costume. However it didn’t really matter and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people just thought this is just what we normally wear.

So yesterday I had one of the best distance sessions I have had in ages. We went to a place called Auburn for a sweet 3 hour single track ride. Because the days are getting warm we thought it best not to try a three hour slop ski so Callum Gregor, Dylan (both part of the family we live with) and myself loaded up Gregor’s truck with bikes and headed down on the 1 hour drive. It was amazing to see a slightly different world to Tahoe. A lot warmer and drier but also with some huge oak forests. The riding was amazing and a massive workout! We arrived there at 12 ish and went straight out riding, well by the time we drove back to civilization at 4:00pm we were starving and thirsty (day was amazingly hot compared to what we are used to).

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So it’s Monday today which is a rest day for us and I think it will entail a few domestics here before a hot tub and a very lazy afternoon!

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


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