The white fluffy stuff has landed!

So opposite to what you might think Aussies bring the good luck and SNOW!

So the first day we woke at our coaches house and after a very leisurely start and an amazing breakfast, it was off for a very easy 3 hour walk through the trails at Tahoe Donner. The plan was to help August homologate the trail system for the Spring Series that will take place there in March. The course is going to be brutal for the 50km and doing 7 laps is going to be painful. It will be easily the hardest race I’ve done. Walking the trails was amazing, being in America for the first time and not seeing snow is a little strange! However the whole area is covered in single track during spring and the fall so Callum and I were super keen to get the bikes out and hit up some of the trails!

Great colors.
Walking through TD homologating the trails.

This little dream of shredding the mountains on the bikes didn’t last long as we woke the next morning for be greeted with a foot of white fluffy stuff! Since the 22nd of October it has been snowing almost continually! Two years ago the same thing happened when I arrived so clearly we bring the snow! Training has been great, on the 22nd we met up with some of the local skiers around here and cruised around the golf course for a while, finding our feet on skis again and just enjoying ourselves! That night a great group of people gathered at our host families house and we tucked into a great Birthday feast which was really nice and a lot of fun! Was great having my first Birthday in another country!

The golf course crew.

The next day just got better when we woke and were told that there had already been some grooming at Tahoe Donner so we piled into the Subi (which August had lent us) and motored up to find amazing trails and almost clear perfect sky!

The ski was awesome, again with a bunch of local skiers and then as we headed home the clouds darkened again and the snow began to fall once more! Already some of the higher ski resorts have 36 inches and the lower ones 20+ inches.

Callum and myself at TD after the snow falls and grooming!

As it always seems, Callum and I have landed on our feet and thing couldn’t be more perfect. The snow is great and the locals even better so we are loving life!

I feel that photos will better describe how amazing the Tahoe area looks so I’ll be lazy and just post a bunch up. Today is a rest day and maybe we’ll test our cooking skills again!

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.

First run though the snow along the river
Running partners, Callum and Patrick.
Amazing views without snow!
Looking across from our apartment to the Syben’s house.

3 thoughts on “The white fluffy stuff has landed!

  1. Hi was getting anxious about birthday boys travelling. Good you’re landed and conditions look and sound amazing. Don

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  2. Looks beautiful. Will be interested to hear what the day off contributes to the cooking repotoire. Windy warm morning here. Graham just checking the possum damage to the broad bean crop!

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