A Spring Update

Now! I know you’ve all been waiting for more of Callum Watson’s high quality gym tips so we have the new and improved exercise 41 for your enjoyment. But before we head to the mighty Bright gym, we have snow…. Yes snow!

So winter is officially over, but someone forgot to tell the snow gods… I’ve never seen it snow on the 29th of September and we aren’t talking a few flakes here. We are talking a good 5 cm, if not more and it was pumping down pretty low too. This has meant that there was a metre-plus cover over most of the resort.

What’s this meant for training? Well for one thing there has been a lot less vitamin D absorption than Callum and I would have liked. We had hoped to be getting nice and tanned before we jet off in just under three weeks. But it won’t stop snowing! That being said, we still have found some time to get our shirts off and enjoy spring!

29th of September’s snow fall.

So recently at the Bright Gym we were told that there was no coaching allowed in the gym (I was on a rest day and being the good bloke I am, offered to spot Callum during his max strength session). So after finally convincing them I wasn’t coaching, but instead spotting and encouraging him, we managed a high quality work out. Have a look at Callum doing “exercise 41”.

We find that heading to the gym normally gives us our daily dose of entertainment. Recently the gym has adopted a “park where there’s room policy” and it appears the driveway was the only place with room….

Quality car parking.

So with all this hard lifting and training, you need to recover and recharge the batteries! Generally this involves copious amounts of food and us lying on the couch or lawn if the spring sun is out. When we have a little more energy however, we have just discovered the best cafe and prefer to lounge on the massive alfresco balconies there at Feathertop Winery. Here are a couple of happy snaps with Kel and Janelle Boynton, our generous sponsors with the spectacular views of Mt Buffalo in the background! Even if you’re not a wine drinker, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Callum and I with Kel and Janelle Boynton at Feathertop Winery.
Amazing views at Feathertop Winery with Kel and Janelle Boynton

So we are trying to get organized for our epic trip and  have had a massive Skype call with our coach August yesterday. It’s finally sunk in I think, I’m off on the longest and easily most important trip of my life in just 17 days. Now that I have realised it’s 17 days away, it doesn’t seem like long enough at all to get everything organised and prepared. I still haven’t summer waxed my training skis from the AUS winter and I’m going to be back on them in just a few weeks again. However at the moment it seems like we will finally find our summer, but in a Californian winter. Apparently it was 38 C yesterday when August was out training, so it will be interesting and a shock to the body.

So with the start of my trip now just over the horizon and coming closer, I’d love for you all to help me out by drinking more wine and supporting a great cause! As I mentioned in a previous blog Feathertop Winery has kindly created a fund for Callum and myself. For every case of wine they sell under the “Towards Sochi 2014” fund, they will donate $50 dollars to Callum and I. So please click on the link (wine order form) or on the side bar where you’ll see Feathertop Wines and fill out the order form. Christmas is just around the corner so why not buy some wine as a gift or to help celebrate the festive season! Or more simply just split a case with your next door neighbor, or best friend and enjoy a glass in this glorious spring weather!

I hope you’re enjoying the sun (when it shines) as much as I am.

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


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