A faffing good day off.

So when I was younger, my Dad always told me to celebrate my rest days more. He always thought I was too “ho hum” about it and didn’t relax enough. Then in turn I didn’t train hard enough. I don’t think he was too far off it, if I was going to be brutally honest with myself. I think as I got older, I started training much harder but have never appreciated the rest days and the down time. Since this winter however with new coach August pushing me a lot harder, not to mention having Australia’s regular World Cup starter living with me, has made me work a lot harder. This new level has also then required a whole new level of rest day.  This blog isn’t about the weeks training or some race I competed in, but what I did on the day off. Don’t worry! It won’t disappoint!

So those that have ever spent any time with Callum or myself will know we love using the term “faffing” (to waste lots of time) and we are pretty darn good at it too.

Another thing you’ll know about us is that normally on a rest day we get up to a whole lot of mischief. Callum doesn’t think it’s been a successful rest day unless he has taken his car apart and then put it back together.

This Sunday was one of those special days, a rest day. So it started in a recent found tradition we developed with our Swedish friend Maria, and that’s with pancakes! So Callum was in charge of that and if you haven’t already seen his skills, here’s a sneak peak of the master chef in action….

Needles to say we had to share the last pancake to even things up….

Callum couldn’t find anything wrong with his car, which is a first. So instead he decided it was time to take apart his road bike and play with that. After that however, he did remember it was time to rotate all the wheels on his car. So it was out with all the jacks and suddenly his car was wheel-less and he was examining all the tread marks on each tyre. I feel his tyre whispering was in an attempt to try and convince tread to grow back.

What seems like another tradition of ours on a rest day is wood splitting. Yeah I know you’re saying “that’s not very restful!” However I find it almost as important to relax the mind, as it  is the body. When I’m swinging an axe around splitting wood, my brain’s pretty well turned off.

So with extreme ease, Callum and I convinced my dad to come with us to cut the wood. As soon as we started cutting timber, we found our next greatest problem was to convince dad to stop…. Anyway with a full trailer and our fill of “manly violence” we headed to our neighbors to drop it all off.

Callum going hulk collecting wood.
Callum going hulk collecting wood.

Dad left us to unpack and split the wood and perhaps this was a mistake. In one session we managed to shatter a pot plant, dint a wheelbarrow and snap an axe handle….

For the record, Callum and I have now managed to snap two axe handles in three wood cutting sessions. We’re pretty skilled…

So I got bored a little towards the end of the day and created a short, four-minute movie of Callum and myself. Pretty good for a laugh but that’s about it, the quality is a little dodgy. Enjoy!

Finally I have been asked to add an itinerary of where we are jetting off to and when. It’s not quite set in stone just yet, but it’s pretty accurate.


  • 20th October – FLY TO USA – to Tahoe and train for around 3 weeks in Truckee.
  • 12th November – 2 weeks in West Yellowstone and Race season opener of US SuperTour
  • 26th Nov – >1 week in Canmore, Canada for Haywood NorAm
  • 6th Dec – 5days on Quebec for our 1st round of World Cups (I hope to have qualified for this race in Canada the week before).
  • 10th Dec – Back to Canmore for 1 week for our 2nd round of World Cups
  • 17th Dec – Back to Truckee for just less than 2 weeks of training to prepare for US Nationals
  • 30th Dec – Soldier Hollow, Utah for 2 weeks and race in US Nationals


  • 11th Jan – FLY TO EUROPE – arrive in Prague, Czech and travel to Liberec for U23 World Championships preparation
  • 20th Jan – First race at U23 World Championships.
  • 28th Jan – Travel to Davos, Switzerland. Train and Prepare for Val de Fiemme, ITA for the World Championships.
  • 18th Feb – Travel to Val de Fiemme, ITA for the World Championships
  • 4th March – FLY TO SCANDINAVIA – to Lahti, Finland for my first attempt at Olympic Qualification on World Cup


  • 19th March – FLY BACK TO USA! Return to Truckee for 2 week training block
  • 3rd April – Compete in US Spring Series!
  • 13th of April Relax/Time off for 1 week
  • 20th April – Fly home…

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


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