Setting up shop.

So with any holiday you generally think it’s simple, choose a destination and work out a method of transport, find a place to crash, get some time off work, then hey presto you’re there! You may suffer a bout of travel sickness somewhere in all that commotion, but all in all, you’re happy rummaging through the drawers of your new hotel room.  If you think traveling overseas for six months of racing and training is like that, then you either have an amazing manager/mum or arrive every year in Europe, while your skis rock up in Cuba in pieces and your insurance only covers hang-gliding not winter sports…

Callum and I have booked our first set of tickets. The easy part done and dusted. Me clicking “transfer” on my computer and sending the money across to the Travel Agents. Our day is almost down to the minute, Wake up at 7:00 am. Look out the window and decide either a day up on the Rock training, or one in the Valley. By 9:30 am we are smashing out the K’s somewhere and by 11:30 am putting my parents out of house and home as Callum and I devour mountains of food, mainly Callum who can eat roll after roll and seemingly burn more calories eating it, than he gets out of it! We then spend a while writing what seems like a million emails  (probably 3) to anyone that may be interested in supporting us and our endeavors overseas and then we are back out there at 3:00 pm training again till dinner calls. After that its a few more email, maybe a movie thrown in somewhere and then bed, before doing it all over again the next day.

Awesome spring skiing
Awesome Spring skiing.
On top of the World at Falls Creek with Callum
On top of the World at Falls Creek with Callum

To some, watching grass grow may be more exciting -but it’s what drives me in life and gets me up each morning. Having Callum live with me has been an amazing boost. Not only is he the best in Australia (hopefully he doesn’t read this otherwise he’ll never let me forget it), but also he knows all my goals for the up-coming winter and every time I’m not giving 100% in a work out, he’ll rip shreds off me and remind me of them!

Speaking of shredding, enjoying some turns of piste…

This Northern hemisphere season will be the biggest Callum and I have ever embarked on. Currently we are planning 10 flights (not including returns) and visiting over 12 countries. We will be traveling for at least 6 months before we touch back down on home soil. With any epic adventure comes massive costs. Currently, as mentioned above, Callum and I are chasing any support we can get. Now before you get disgusted with my plea for help and close the page, hear me out. I’m not asking you the reader for support, just your voice. Most likely you, the reader are either an old mate from uni who probably has less money than I, or a member of my ski club (and by far BNSC has always been my greatest supporter and i could never ask anything more from them.) What I’m asking is for you to just think and maybe ask, one friend or colleague at work. See if they want two new green faces for their company. The ability to say they are helping young athletes chase a dream and goal to get to the Olympics, but perhaps more importantly have media coverage on a global scale!

We have a great Sponsorship Proposal system to offer anyone who’s interested. All I’m asking is you suggest a name, or send me an email address with a name of a organisation I can contact. Any help you can show us would be much appreciated!

In the meantime, while you mull over the possible………

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


4 thoughts on “Setting up shop.

    1. Hi Ronice I’m happy to write a blog on it but just for you quickly, Myself and Callum Watson now always travel on IHI Bupa. However we just use the internet and go through the original company in Denmark. They are reasonably priced and more importantly, they cover cross-country skiing and cross-country racing. From my research the only one I or Callum have found that does it in Australia and will put it in writing for you that they cover training and racing is Bupa. For my 6 month trip this year I’m up for 1100 which is a bit ill admit, but for six months it covers all medical and non medical issue (i chose the extra non medical option, with just medical for 6 months is around 900). They also are easy to get pay-outs off. Last year because of all my crashes and illnesses I collected almost a 1000 dollars in hospital trips and they paid every cent back for me!!! the same went for Callum and his massive crash in Davos.
      Hope that helps! Feel free to fire away with any other questions!

  1. Hi Paul

    Paul Murray had sponsorship from the local Bendigo Community Bank here in Mt Beauty. Bright have a Community Bank as well. Check with Paul Murray about what was involved. This maybe an opportunity for you.

    Paul L’H…

  2. Hi Paul,
    I’ve probably said it before, but I really enjoy your blogs …. always something interesting there. As for sponsorship, it may be a bit ambitious but why not give Qantas a go. If they can get you from A to B gratis it’s not costing them much and they get the benefit of you promoting them by wearing the flying kangaroo on your gear. If they’re not interested Emirates may be worth a try too as they’re keen to establish a greater presence in Australia.

    Best of luck,

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