The 2012 conclusion.

This most likely will be my final note for the 2011/12 European winter. I’m slowly making my way back from Turkey jumping from country to country as I head south. The World under 23’s are over. It was an absolute amazing whirlwind of a trip and three months sailed by so so fast. With the U23’s being over its time to touch down into reality again and get back into the Uni/training way of life. As always the trip was crazy with highs, lows and a few new P.B’s. I feel could spent hours telling stories especially Turkey and all the things that happened there in 10 days or so.

Phillip, Mark and myself with attaché Ahmet Ozan Yılmaz, aka Ozzy. Waiting to check in our gear

However I’m not here to rag on Turkey but to talk about skiing but more importantly racing. These last few days have been a very good learning experience for me. I can now clearly see where the bar is set and I have a fairly good idea on the requirements and sacrifices need to reach that bar. I guess all that is needed now is time to put into practice all these ideas I have and wait and see what happens.

Everyone attempting to checking there baggage into just three check in counters.

I have had a fairly frustrating European season. I feel I showed so much potential but never truly was able to test it due to my terrible run with illness and injury. That being said I was in the best form my circumstances allowed for U23’s and I shouldn’t complain. The racing was tough and it truly showed me where I was at with my skiing and what I need to improve on now.

Looking out of the mountains surrounding Erzurum.

The door for bigger and better races I feel is now wide open and all I have to do is walk through it. I hope to achieve this in the Australian 2012 winter.

I have crossed a few goals off my list but in turn have written more down always aiming a little higher. I have been looking forward to coming home so that I can build a huge foundation block of training and start to creep closer to these new goals.

With the end of a trip comes the need to thank a lot of people and organisations! Firstly to the Birkebeiner Nordic Ski Club, thank you so much for the support and help! Every season you have support me and encouraged me onto bigger and better things, so thanks very much!

To my largest sponsor the University of Ballarat, thanks for all the help getting me over to Europe every season and putting up with me skipping the odd class to go to ski races in Australia! To the coaches and wax techs of the Australian team, thanks for all the time and effort you put into me and my skiing, day after day!

And lastly to my family and friends who always support me and who’s amazing emails and messages gets me through the rough day!

Until next time.

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


3 thoughts on “The 2012 conclusion.

  1. Thanks for all your great reports, Paul. They have been fascinating and at times, very amusing. We’ve all followed your progress with great interest and have been impressed with your maturity, your humility and your ambition to keep improving. Well done on your persistence, your motivation and your improving results. We look forward to watching you race back here this Australian winter.
    Best wishes
    Helen (President, BNSC)

  2. Hey PK,

    Another awesome update! Great to keep up with all those along the way. I’m
    Guessing that was a NO to the apple tea this year?! Haha. Just kidding! 🙂 I hope you had a tonne of fun and a successful season – hope to catch you soon!

    Courta! xxx

  3. Helen pretty well covered what I was going to say Paul so, welcome home. It’ll be good to see you back safe and sound.

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