Chasing the Unicorn

It’s amazing being an athlete and how we lose sight of things. How some things are so so important to us and other things we take entirely for granted. A classic example would be travel. The other day we drove through three different countries, across some amazing mountain passes and through breathtaking valleys. I didn’t take a single photo. I just wanted the journey to end (granted it was 7 hours). I’d seen a lot of it all before and hence it was put into the realm of mundane. Compare me, the athlete to the year 12 student say, who’s been trapped behind a desk and all they want to do is escape and explore the world. They would have used up an entire photo card, snapping away crazily.

On the other hand the athlete is only as good as there last race. And to race fast you need to have your body and mind at 100%,  when either breaks down it’s generally catastrophic and can make or break a season if the illness is not managed well. For the year 12 student a snivel and a cough is nothing if they’re lucky it might mean a long weekend and a extra sleep in. As athletes we never go out sightseeing or doing the tourist thing. We just call that “dead miles”. And when I retire I’ll need to revisit everywhere I’ve been to properly be able to appreciate it. Because we need to either be training hard or recovering.

The athlete training.
Athletes refueling








Why am i writing so philosophical (or as good as I can be). Simple… My body is breaking down again. (not impressed!) It’s amazingly frustrating being an athlete and getting sick. It’s like a builder breaking all his tools. It is an amazing conundrum that still is out of reach of most athletes. How’s much training is to much? How much rest do you need to off set that training. And does that athlete have the energy, will and drive to get to that perfect mix. Each year some athletes hit the combo perfectly and if they’re good they’ll remember that combo to become successful athletes. But for other athletes this is their ultimate unicorn. Their uncatchable beast. A beast I feel I’m yet to even sight. Once again for me it’s back to he drawing board (realistically bed).

I hope to have a few days of solid bed rest and still be able to compete in the distance races for this weekend in Campra. Fingers crossed.

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment


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