My final note from Seefeld.

So this isn’t the race report I’d like to be giving, I was hoping to be able say I’d smashed the Great Britain 15km classic but in truth I never even made it to the start line. Now before you start thinking “ah PK you disorganised muppet!” I’ll explain why.

Mother Nature……

So basically in the last 6 days there has been one sunny day two raining and three snowing. Thursday was pouring rain, which turned everything to slush, and then sometime during the night the snow came pumping down. Waking up Friday there was snow everywhere. During the course of the day around a meter of snow fell.

The rare sunny day. Hamish, Dyllan, Phillip and Myself.
Spot the team van










Where the race was to be held was about a two hour drive and with speed limits on the highways down to 60km it was expected to be about 4 hours each way. We were keen to get there at 9am so it was a 4am wake up. With this timeframe in mind and the possible chance of not actually making it there or more importantly not getting back, the call was made to pull the pin and do our own time trial (TT) here in Seefeld. So Saturday came and with it snow another 2 foot of snow. Out on the trails the groomer couldn’t keep up with the snow falling and had opted to just do small loops of the meadow. With the lack of any proper loop my TT ended up being a fairly long and brutal interval session with Coach J.C then a gym in the arvo. Not at all the race i’d hoped for.

Out the window of mine and Callums room.

Now recently I will admit I have stumbled across the bigest self-inflicted stuff up of the trip. For about the last 4 days now I have had sore feet, especially my big toes which have been really numb! Originally I thought I’d gotten terrible frostbite but I knew the weather hadn’t been cold enough, so that was pretty quickly ruled out. Yesterday morning things became even worse when I woke to find my left foot quite swollen and sore from the day before, I had done a solid 2 hour skate in the morning. Now I have been having trouble with my skate boots since the Black Forest races. I’d been putting up with the pain for a while but finally I thought “right! It’s on boots”. So I ripped out my innersoles to try and see what the go was. Sadly this is when it all dawned on me.

I’d been skiing with my left boot inner in my right shoe and my right boot inner in my left (possible a great prank to play on someone else but not a recommended form of pedicure or foot massage!) How did I mange this you ask? Simple. In the Black Forest I took them out to dry and I obviously put them in the wrong way… not my brightest moment…


So here in Seefeld it’s my last day. I’ve been here for quite a few weeks now and I’m really looking forward to getting out of here. Its not that it’s a terrible place its just that after 4 weeks of skiing almost every day you ski out a place pretty quickly. Also I will admit it seems like Seefeld is one massive retirement village, with the average age i’d say being around 70. I’m really looking forward to walking along a foot path at normal pace and not creeping along as if by walking fast we’ll disturb some divine balance that the older population have created.

We move on now to Bad Ischl where we have the Austrian National Championships. I’m really looking forward to racing and seeing how these last four weeks have been, and if I’ve done the right training, or if I’ve just turned myself into something stronger but possibly slower. I guess we’ll soon find out. It’s three straight days of racing so its going to be tough plus it will be my first ever pursuit race. For all of you thinking PK you’ve done tons of them even back in Aus, there has been a name change. Purists in the past were where you did  a set distance, changes skis and did the same distance again, these are now called skiathlons. A pursuit now, is where on one day you do a set distance (in this weekends case a 10km classic). Then on the following day depending on how far you were off the winner you start behind and do another set distance (in this weekends case a 10km Skate). It makes for very exciting racing because who ever crossed that line first on the second day is the over all winner. Basically it’s a very short mini tour.


The Snow is still falling here for the second straight day so I think it will be an interesting drive to Bad Ischl. At least there will be some stories to be told! Stay Tuned.


Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


2 thoughts on “My final note from Seefeld.

  1. Wow, heaps of snow! Brave call to admit to the innersole switcheroo ……. could happen to anyone though, and at least you got the problem sorted before the next set of races. Best of luck to you all in Bad Ischl and safe travelling.

  2. Good luck PK and guys. Have the best races ever! How much will you pay for Vincent to come over and be your manager.. check if you have your shoes on correctly, combed your hair and help drive the blue ‘van’?

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