Sun and Ice

So here in Seefeld it’s all go. The Youth Olympic games have started and competition seems to very fierce.  Seefeld is playing host to the Nordic Combined, Biathlon and Nordic Olympic events. Because of all the athletes and coaches the lower trails are pretty busy. Also there is a pretty huge increase of tourists and spectators who potter around on the trails and congest the stadium nicely.

To get away from the mad flag waving and bell ringing crowds I’ve been heading up into the mountain ranges that dominate the skyline around Seefeld.

Another reason why I scamper up top onto the mountain range as quickly as possible is the sun. Like a mouse drawn to the cheese I scurry up there for the smallest of rays. For the last four or five days now the sun has been blazing down upon Seefeld. Now when I say blazing I really mean freezing. With the sun comes clear days but also starry skies at night and rather chilly temperatures. So far this trip in Europe has been fairly mild but the last few days the temperatures have plummeted to -17’s and   -16’s (I know my team mates in Alaska will be laughing) but for us this sudden turn of cold has been a little bit of a shock to the system. I did intervals a day or so ago on the side of the mountain range, the temp was only -10 or so but I found my legs really didn’t enjoy it as they started to cramp really badly due to the lack of warmth and blood flow (or I’m hopping that’s the reason). The Olympics here have had to delay some of there races due to the temperatures with predictions of -21 on Tuesday morning they pushed the time back an hour so that the temp would be under -20 and within FIS (World skiing Federation) limits.

I’d also like to mention a big congrats to teammate Phillip Bellingham who made his World Cup début in Milan this week. Also a second congratulation is in order for Phillip, along side team mate and seasoned campaigner Callum Watson. Who together recorded the best World Cup team Sprint result to date. For the complete lowdown check out Phil’s or Callums blog’s that are linked from this page.

This weekend I have opted to change my training program a little and will head to Germany the Great Brittan National Champs on Saturday. The race is a 15km classic which recently I have had a lot of success in. It’s a citizen race which means you don’t need a racing license and there for no points are involved, so I’m hopping to position very high in the field we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Because are driving there each day from Seefeld I’m only going to do one day and opting to do interval here in Seefeld instead. The reason for the change, is that I have a lot of classic races coming up, and I’m wanting to be in really good form for Austrian and Swiss cups. So I’m hopping this 15km will be really good practice and a nice tune up after a few weeks of training!

The team has now again increased with athletes from America coming over. It will be really good to race and ski with a few fresh new faces and the most of the team will also head to compete in the GB Champs so should be good to see how everyone’s preparations have been. Also with the team comes the last of the coaches, J.C Legras. So it’s great to have more coaches with the team, meaning Athletes get even more one on one time to perfect technique and ski time.

I’ll hopefully stay on top of the Blogs a lot more and now with the next racing block coming up things will start to get exciting again with racing and training and all the drama that comes with it.

Also if you’ve got a few extra minutes to burn I’ve created a twitter account but more importantly a photo gallery page which ill update as regularly (I’ll still post photos in my blog but will app extra’s to the Gallery) so check the twitter and gallery out and see what you think. Enjoy.

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment


3 thoughts on “Sun and Ice

  1. Thanks for the update Paul …….. always look forward to reading them. It’s nice to get the inside drum as to what’s happening over there. Love the early morning photos. It must feel good (mentally) to be out on the snow just as the sun’s coming over the horizon, apart from being freezing cold that is!
    Have a good one in Germany next weekend! As you say, it’ll be a good tune-up.

    1. Ah I’m Glad your enjoying them Hans! yeah i think i just got lucky with those photos being in the right place at the right time! hope summer is going well for you!
      cheers PK

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