Campra Race Report

So as I write this I’ve just completed my first weekend of races here in Campra, Switzerland.

To back track a little, we arrived in Campra the day before Christmas in the arvo and we squeezed in a cheeky ski before it got to dark. Campra is an extraordinary place, for around 3 months of the year the sun never rises. Now we are no where near the poles where you’d expect this to happen it’s due to the mountains being so massive and the valley so narrow that the sun never ever gets high enough until February leaving Campra in a eternal twilight.

Christmas day came and to started off with all of us doing intervals. It was pretty exciting for me because these were the first intensities I have done in a week and a half so it felt awesome to be pushing the body again. The afternoon for me didn’t go to well, on my way down to the ski rooms I slipped on some bluestone steps and took a fairly heavy fall. After a bit of grunting a groaning I went out skiing but after 15 min or so my arm was killing me and I figured it be best to go home and ice it. As I took off my last layer of thermals I realised that my arm had a fair bit of blood on it and on inspection of my elbow I realised I had a 10 cent sized hole in my elbow that was very deep (not sure what we could see at the bottom but wasn’t pretty).

So sitting in my room twiddling my thumbs for roughly 20 min the other boys came back from skiing and we made our 4th trip to a hospital where I got an x-ray and some stiches. My elbow was cleared and they said if I was feeling ok I could still use it and race, so this was a major positive! The next day we had off and just chilled, we headed down to Olivone where we picked up the 4th member of the team, Mark Pollock. The next day we did our race prep intervals and then tested skis for our champion wax team of Ben Sim and Fabian Mauz who both arrived that day.

The boys.

The sprint was fairly brutal, since last time I had raced here they had added an extra hill which made things fairly interesting. To make things worse, to say I was a tad nervous would be an understatement. I was fairly unsure of how the body would hold up and just hopping for the best. In the end a fairly average result coming 21st in the men’s and missing out on the top 16 finals by quite a few seconds.

Waking up the next day for the 15km I was not feeling to fresh. The legs felt like they had coped a fair beating the day before, I cut my warm up a little short opting to just put the legs up and chill. Now I already wasn’t feeling to fresh and my start number didn’t improve my spirits. I was starting off second which meant I was ranked second slowest. Not a great feeling. Out of the blocks I came out fairly strong hoping to settle quickly into a rhythm and get rid of the flat lethargic feeling i had in my legs. After my first lap I had already passed the only skier in front of me, so I was skiing out in front, by myself, which was quite lonely and a little frustrating because it was hard to pace. The last lap was brutal and I was feeling pretty lactic. I was given a split off Simbo that I was in third place from the first 12 skiers, so I was fairly stoked with that and put the foot down for the last 2 km trying not to lose too much time to the skiers behind. To be honest i might of cooked my legs a little early on on the first two laps because i was bleeding from the eyes towards the end.

In the end the body held up surprising well and I in fact got the best distance points of my career to date (144.49). I finished 16th in the end which was a huge improvement on the sprint the day before. So after a few weeks of frustration it seems my luck is finally turning around and hopefully I can find some form along with some fitness and have a proper crack at this season, with more improvements in my results to come! fingers crossed things keep working well!


4 thoughts on “Campra Race Report

  1. Great news Paul. Hopefully your luck has turned around and coupled with your determination will result in some good results. We have just had breakfast here .. Clare is off camping in Gippsland, Brigalong, Tess is in Melbourne and we are about to move into some hot days.
    Shall write a detailed letter soon,
    love june

  2. Hi Paul,
    Nice to hear that you’re back racing and things are staring to turn around for you. Fantastic news on your distance points.
    I think we’ll be wishing for some snow here in a couple of days. I think it’s going to be 36 degrees on New Years.
    Take care. Would love to Skype again soon.
    xx T

  3. PK..your blogs are making gruelling reading with excavations in elbow etc. just as well for travel insurance. 145 is awesome so Stay well ski well. Cheers ronice

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