A Christmas Special.

So its Christmas time over here but it gears up in a very different way to Australia. They don’t play the tacky Christmas songs over here in shops and houses aren’t covered in lights (not that you’d see them there is so much snow covering the houses).  Christmas tree sales men are in all the main squares trying to convince you that their trees are straighter and a nicer shade of green than the guy next to them. In our favourite coffee shop you can now get gingerbread lattés and all the decorations have a touch of Christmas to them.The mountains starting to poke through the clouds.

So the three of us decided it would be a good idea this year to have a Chris-cringle this year to try and get in the mood of things. Our rules were it was under 25CHF and that was it, go wild. Well soon after we pulled the names out if the hat we went training. Now the boys went off for a 2 hour ski. As soon as they returned Phil rattled off who each of us had. Apparently you can’t do a Chris-cringle with only three people…  A few more ideas were floated but in the end our Uni student tightness over came us and we have scrapped the whole idea. We’ll be in Campra for Christmas with the huge population of 6 people, so I don’t think anyone will be to fussed if it just slips by.

So due to this prolonged virus I have been suffering from I had another trip to the doctors yesterday where they took more blood to be analysed and also did an ultrasound of all my organs to make sure nothing was swollen. A few things looked a little on the edge of being swollen but the doctor said it also could just be due to my size, so hopefully that’s just the Kovacs genes shining through.

I have started to ease back into the training again but will monitor it extremely closely. I have a new training program by Valerio Leccardi (One of the Swiz team skiers) who is also coming back from illness. I’m hoping this new program will get me sorted and on the training path once again. It’s just nice to be back training, even if it’s just a little.

New team warm up jackets, out skiing in the morning.

The snow here is getting to the point of crazy. It just doesn’t stop snowing. A lot of the mountain passes have been closed for days now but even some of the streets around town are now getting shut while the road clearing crews focus just on the keeping the main roads open. All a little chaotic! Even with chains on our little blue box still struggles to get around. The snow is meant to stop which is good because we are heading to Campra in the south on Saturday a small Italian speaking village in the very south for the next set of races. The easiest route to Campra is through a bunch of mountain passes so hopefully they’re open by thee time we get there. Also I hope to open my European racing season there! Fingers crossed!

Less than 24 hours of snowfall.

On a complete different non skiing note, I would like to thank one of my major sponsors, the University of Ballarat. Recently they accepted me into their honours program for 2012! I am really looking forward to the academic year ahead plus representing them at races and the continuing support they have showed me. Thanks UB!



2 thoughts on “A Christmas Special.

  1. Well done getting into the honours program Paul! Hopefully that good news will partially offset the disappointment of being ill for the first few races. Wishing you, Phil and Callum all the best at Campra. Hope you can get through the snow OK!

  2. Merry Christmas guys. Its blue sky, warm and sunny here on Christmas Eve. Nice to get reports from you folks in the colder climates. Ash and Georgia in the States and you guys in Europe. Good luck in the upcoming races and in the recovery.

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