What’s Blue, has four wheels and has a phobia of gradients?

A Mercedes Vito…

Our Van these last few days has been put though its paces, Not to mention the Swiss army who are the security and overall lackeys at the Davos World Cup. I’d say that on average our van has to be pushed 3 times a day to get it moving. It generally is quite comical as two of us push (or more depending if the army is around or not) and the third drives, then as soon as the car gets any momentum up the two pushers have to quickly scramble in to the car bobsled style before the car gets going to fast. Now you might be thinking why haven’t these idiots gone out and bought snow tyres? But in fact we got them whit the van, the issue being that although our van has only done 20,000km I’d say the tyres have been to Kazakhstan and back. The whole grip issues hasn’t been much of a problem until the last few days when its started to snow again but this time quite warm wet flakes which quickly turn to ice on the roads making it all rather interesting.

Our blue bobsled….

So the Davos World cup has been and gone. For a full race report checkout Callum Watsons blog (there is a link on the right hand side bar), but lets just say it wasn’t the start Callum was looking for. His injury with his ribs still plagues him and hampers his racing and intensity trainings. Some of the positives to take out of the weekend was that his ski’s were bomb fast, and that apart from his lungs the rest of his body felt great so hopefully we can see the full force of Callum unleashed on the World Cup stage soon!

The Stadium Friday arvo,

As for me, I’ve sadly been under the weather. The Australian team made its second appearance to the Davos Hospital after I spend a few days not being able to eat, train or basically do anything from lack of energy. After a few needles and dose of antibiotics I’m on the rebound and chomping at the bit to train again. I still have one more mandatory rest day, before I’m aloud to ease back into the training. Sadly this untimely illness has put my first set of races in jeopardy as I was planning on competing in this weekends European Cup races in St Ulrich, Austria. The way I see it I’ve had my bad luck for the season, my body will have all the antibodies it needs now to stay healthy and I have plenty more races to compete in. I can shift my focus from Austria to the races in southern Switzerland, which are a few weeks away. Now I can make sure I do a proper build up for the races, coming into them fresh as a daisy and ready race!

We can no longer use the World Cup wax cabin for free net so we are back to our bustling little coffee shop, where we have somewhat of a reputation and all the waitresses chat to us like regulars. But ill be honest we do stand out in our bright green jackets.

That’s all from me now.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to properly say,

Train hard, Rest easy, Live for the moment.


One thought on “What’s Blue, has four wheels and has a phobia of gradients?

  1. Let’s hope that all the bad stuff’s out of the way now and it’s all downhill from here …………. or should that be uphill?!?

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