Christmas comes early.

So It feel like it’s been an early Christmas here in Davos. Around three days ago we got our first early gift when the Snow Gods cranked open the guns, and the white stuff has been falling pretty much ever since. Davos has gone from green grassy hills to a nice, 50 cm + snow coverage, and continuous negative temperatures. The World Cup this weekend is back to the original 30km skate (before the snow fall its was only a 15km) which suits Callum a lot more so he is really amped to go out and test himself and see how effective his training has been this preseason.

The start of the snow falls

 After the Storm(this is just what blew in so not a completely accurate depth).

Now our second big present was in the form of two huge cardboard boxes, brought to us by Santa Claus (otherwise known as Fabian Mauz our World cup waxing guru). In the boxes were our new team warm up jackets, pants and new race suits. So like Charlie in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory we couldn’t of been happier, diving through the boxes trying on the new gear, not to mention Fabian comes from the Black Forest in Germany and had brought an amazing cake!

Also with the World Cup comes a chance to pick up any new equipment, or in Callums case replace broken equipment from his previous close encounter with the local skiing inhabitants. We all had ordered new boots from our respective suppliers, so we all have new boots to add to our early Christmas presents!

The sexy new One Way  suits!

Now a tradition they have here in Europe is St Nicolas day, where St Nic goes around giving presents to the children and the Krampus, a hunched character in full black, skulks behind him with a branch ready to whip the children who are naughty.

Anyway it was one fine afternoon and Callum, Phillip and Myself were in our usual cafe drinking coffee and using the free net. Keeping with tradition the town had obviously hired the duo of St Nic and Kramp’s to walk from shop to shop saying hello and giving presents/ beating everyone. Here we were minding our own business in the corner of the shop, eyes fixed on our computer screens, when what do you know a massive Santa like figure appears. Now St Nic starts talking to Callum in rapid Swiss German, presumably asking Callum if he had been a good little cross country skier or not. After a few seconds Callum looks at dear Nic and says “English?” Good old St Nic promptly turns around and walks away. Apparently it’s a different St Nic that visits Australia….

These last few days the atmosphere in Davos around the up coming world cup has been building and getting very exciting. Already the Swiss army has built a huge stadium out of a supersized meccano set. Today the course was closed to the public so only athletes and support staff were skiing. It’s exciting to see so many amazing athletes plus a great opportunity to look at techniques and body types and try to see what I’m doing wrong and right.

The Stadium being prepared.

One of my goals this season is to qualify for the World Cup circuit, today it seemed just a little closer as Callum, Phillip and Myself all got our individual photos taken for when we do race WC and they show our names on T.V, the picture will appear next to it. A nice little bit of motivation.

The progress towards meeting this goal and the few others I have set this season have been going well, with training going strong. However, I have had to skip a few intensity sessions this week, due to a little bit of a cold I had, but I’m confident all signs of that will be gone by the end of the weekend and I can resume full training with intensities next week.

If you have the chance tune in to Eurosport this coming weekend to see Callum Watson shredding it out on the course on both Saturday and Sunday in Davos, Switzerland.

Train hard. Rest Easy. Live for the moment.


4 thoughts on “Christmas comes early.

    1. Dear boys….you really do look the real deal in your new race suits. However, are they “man boobs” you are now sporting???

      Blow the Russians a kiss for me next time you cruise past.

      Regards, and best of luck to you all, irene dunn xx

  1. Sounds like it’s all coming together at the right time. Like the pic of the 3 musketeers in the new suits – awesome. Best of luck to you all on the weekend!

  2. The St Nicolas and Krampus story brings back a few memories. They turn up in Holland as well, only Krampus is called Black Pete over there. I was either 3 or 4 years old and we were visiting at a cousin’s place when St Nic and BP turned up. I didn’t know what was going on but the older kids quickly filled me in. Apparently over there Black Pete puts the naughty kids in a sack and takes them away. The good kids get sweets, which St Nic pulls out of a bag and throws around the room. I was so preoccupied trying to remember if/when I’d been naughty the other kids grabbed all the sweets before I got a look in.

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