The Aussies have landed!

So I’m writing this from the third story of our apartment after our pre-breakfast morning run. Seeing Davos without snow is amazing. It feels like early autumn still. The temperature is only around 0 degrees which in some ways is nice for our bodies not walking into a minus 15 but still, we need the snow!

So back tracking a little to the flight. Myself and Phillip Bellingham flew with Qatar Airways which was really good, however the first flight is a brutal 14.5 hours but the second leg only 6 hours to Zurich. I managed to get exit row seats the whole way so was great and thankfully my back has held up really well so that’s a massive confidence boost for me and I hope I can do intensity really soon.


Any way so we landed in Zurich fine and got our train tickets to Konstanz, Germany (we needed to head there first before Davos to pick up our team van). For Phil and myself this is when things started to go down hill…

The train trip was ok and we stumbled out of the train into the crowd and followed it to the main street. We hailed a cab to take us to the van rentals and we encountered our first issue. I couldn’t open my bag to get the address out, stupidly I had zip-tied it shut. Phil luckily came to the rescue with a pair of scissor but things turned south again as I managed to snap them in half trying to cut the tie… meanwhile I should say this is all happening in the main street of Konstanz and we are sprawled all over the footpath. After battling the tie a little longer we got it open and we were on our way, zooming to the van rentals.

Problem number two. So we pulled up to a stop out front of Sixt van rentals and are told it cost 12 dollars for the ride. Because I broke the scissors I said I have got phils share covered and sling the guy a 20. Now I should mention that our taxi driver speaks zero English. Anyway Mr Taxi driver suddenly starts getting annoyed and speaking pretty fast and furious to me in the front seat. We stupidly hadn’t realised we weren’t in Zurich any more and in fact we were in Germany, a Euro-zone country. Swiss franks don’t go down very well in Germany. Phil and I didn’t have a cent of Euro between us and the driver didn’t take card so he eventually accepted the Frank and it was all-good again.

Now we strolled into the van rental and problem 3 meets us. I was the man with all the money from the team on my card and I was going to pick up and pay for the car. Now for some unknown reason my card wouldn’t work at all so Phil saved the day with his card. So after 30 minutes of fluffing about we are strolling through lines of vans and Phil and I are playing “guess which van is ours” now im banking on a nice silver Mercedes to the left and Phil thinks it’s a white monster on the right. Now the guy showing us to our van raises the key and “beep, beep” a van neither of us picked, lights flashes. Its not a lie to say this van was the furthest always from the entrance and office tucked away in the corner behind my silver Mercedes (and for good reason).

So after getting thoroughly geographically embarrassed in Konstanz we managed to get to Zurich airport and pick up our third teammate Callum Watson who had just come across from Alaska.

Now the Blue Box as our little blue van has now been dubbed has about as much speed as a turtle on LSD so when we worked out we here halfway to Burn and going in the opposite direction it made a long drive just a little longer….

Now you might be thinking gosh these guys are first class muppets, but I think the classic of the trip so far was when we had to call our poor old coach at 5 in the morning Australian time because none of us knew or had access to the address of where we were going to be staying for the night…

So we have now had two ski sessions on the little loop in Davos or around 2 and a half hours which equates to around 70+ laps so I can see us getting brain dead pretty quickly. However we have heard of a loop up higher in one of the mountains that’s a little longer. the plan is to go and check it out this morning. We are all in good spirits and just loving being on snow and skiing.

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment


4 thoughts on “The Aussies have landed!

  1. Sorry, but I have to agree.
    What a bunch of Muppets!!

    Although even the smartest of brains get a bit mixed up after 20+ hours sitting at the back of an aircraft.
    Best wishes,
    R & V

  2. Good to hear you had a nice ride over to Zurich Paul. Bummer about the initial hassles, especially when you’re tired after the long flight, but no doubt things will get better from here on in ….. although I must say a bit of snow wouldn’t go astray.
    Glad I was able to catch up with you before you left. I got home late last night. Interesting bit of useless information ………. it takes about the same amount of time to drive from Porepunkah to Tweed Heads as it does to fly from Melbourne to Zurich.
    Look forward to hearing your news ………

  3. Hi Paul
    Great work with the WordPress Blog. You are developing some media talents. Bill Little is putting out a Club Bulletin in a couple of days and will publish the link in the newsletter along with your grant thank you letter.

    How about putting in the WordPress Widget that allows people to subscribe to your Blog like Finn and the Club have for their websites? I will email you a BNSC Viking Logo image so you can use that for the Sponsorship section of you Blog.

    Regards and train well.
    Paul L’Huillier

  4. Hi Paul
    Thanks for the letter to the club. The links are fine.
    I love your blog. It reminds me so much of our first trip overseas and some of the funny (and not so funny) trials we faced. Keep the reports coming!
    Best wishes

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