Perpetual Packing

I think if packing was a sport I’d be pretty high up there in the world rankings. This week I finished my undergraduate degree, which meant a major pack up at my home in Ballarat then onto Melbourne to collect my brother before heading home, unpacking and cleaning everything before beginning the big overseas pack.

To make things more entertaining as most of you know, my car isn’t the most modern or large vehicle gracing the roads and between my brother, myself and one extremely overloaded boot, I have never heard a car bottom-out on the suspension so many times. Every line in every corner had to be taken perfectly or a huge thump followed by plastic grinding on road would result. I’m guessing my car has an extra few centimetre of clearance now and is missing a good few layers of plastic.

I have been struggling to rid myself of any injuries these last few weeks before flying overseas, because seeing a doctor who speaks another language is a tad interesting. I had a lot of micro trauma in my right calf, which is now coming good. However my biggest and probably most severe injury to date is that I currently have a small-herniated disc in my lower back from having poor posture studying in Ballarat.

I loathe study at the best of times, so I think this has solidly proven to me that study is an unnatural and unhealthy thing and should be avoided at all costs!

Luckily for me apart from riding and sit-ups, I’m allowed to train as per normal so it’s still been business as usual in the training department, which is a huge relief. I look forward to getting on snow where there is minimal impact or a prolonged flexed spine position.

To throw a spanner in the works though, the snow gods haven’t been kind and Davos currently has only a 1.5 km loop that is all man made and the rest of the town looks like its still mid spring.

Sadly I should stop writing to go pack my bags, which I find, needs the combined techniques of tetris and just find a spot roughly the same size as the object and cram it in!

Hopefully the next blog update will be from the team apartment in Davos, Switzerland!

Train hard. Rest easy. Live for the moment.


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