A week at the AIS in Canberra

During the double pole VO2max test

After a quick brief on the day ahead by the coaches, it was off to bed for an early start in the morning.Monday was the first of four VO2 max tests to be done throughout the week. I was feeling very nervous as I watched Callum Watson do his test before me. In true Callum style, he set the bar extremely high breaking the record for the highest VO2 max ever recorded (83.9 ml/kg/min) in the XC department and also the record for the longest time spent on the tread mill (36 min). So with a little trepidation I stepped up onto the tread mill and the test began. Now unlike conventual running protocols we have to use poles as we run and the gradients are much steeper. I managed to set the second highest VO2 max of around 70 ml/kg/min and equalled the second highest test time on the treadmill of 31:30 min.

The next few days seemed to blur together, but we ended up doing 3 upper body VO2 max tests, two max power tests and a 1000m double pole time trial. I was really happy how I performed in these test. I had the fastest 1000m time of 3:28min and the highest max watt test of 606. I also had the equal highest stage on the double pole machines VO2 max test of  300 watts which I was really happy about. As expected we all saw our VO2’s decrease but mine was the least, only 4 ml/kg/min. So again I was stoked to see that! Between testing sessions we were still trying to cram in as many training hours as our bodies would take and to make sure we recovered, we got to use the ice and hot baths facilities which was a nice experience.

The training continues…


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